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UHF Band Selective Adjustable Signal Boosters • 450-512 MHz

Product features
* IF SAW filtering, sharp filtering, outstanding out of band rejection
* Band Selective, Bandwidth adjustable by software
* Uplink squelch
* User adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent
* Automatic Gain Control
* NFPA compliant
* Wheatherproof enclosure, IP67/NEMA4X

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Digital Fiber DAS

Product Features
* Digital signal processing based technology not “RF over Fiber”
* Field expandable
* No need of “Front End BDA” or “POI”, reduced infrastructure cost
* Fiber runs up to 25 miles (40 km)
* No fiber noise being transported to RF thanks to digital signal processing
* Programmable uplink squelch (per channel and time slot) for reduced UL noise contribution
* Software programmable channel selective or band selective operation, suitable for highly congested RF environments
* Centralized operation, single point of access
* AGC per channel and time slot, no Far End communication Degradation
* Same unit supports Over The Air (OTA) operation
* NFPA Compliant

* For P25 Ph1, P25 Ph2, DMR, TETRA, NXDN and Conventional Systems
* Indoor: tunnels, buildings, subways, airports, among others
* Outdoor: stadiums, canyons, dense urban areas, remote rural towns

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High Power Coaxial Splitters • 136-2700 MHz

Product features
* Splitters designed in a coaxial configuration
* Two, three and four output ports models available
* N and DIN 7/16 type connectors as standard, other types available upon request
* Power handling capability up to 500W (CW)

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RF Directional Couplers • 380-2700 MHz

Product features
* Passive devices designed to provide unequal power distribution to the output ports
* Low VSWR value in all ports
* Low incidental insertion loss
* Standard coupling values are 6dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB and 30dB, other power ratios available upon request
* Direct input power up to 200W

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Band Pass – Band Reject Base Station Filters • 136-520 MHz

Fiplex FVN Series are versatile, single or dual cavities bandpass-bandreject filters. They are intended to “protect” the received signal from a jamming carrier…

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Band-Pass Base Station Filters • 136-960 MHz

Product features
Single, dual or triple cavities bandpass filters.
They are intended to “clean” the received signal from a congested environment.
Also, the sharp filtering response make them adequate to reduce the emission of intermodulation products from transmitters.
TEM coaxial resonant cavities are square 8″ x 8″. Models ending in “/3” use 3/4 wavelength coaxial resonators in order to improve the Q factor of the cavity.

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