Compact Cellular UMTS 2100MHz Repeater / BDA

Compact Cellular UMTS 2100MHz Repeater / BDA



Type Band Selective Repeater

Frequency range UMTS 2100 MHz

Datasheet BD210





DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: UMTS 2100 MHz Band Selective Repeaters


Product features

  • Cost effective and reliable solution designed to extend and improve the coverage area of UMTS 2100MHz cellular systems.
  • Band selective repeater that amplifies in both directions, uplink and downlink a continuous bandwidth, factory adjustable.
  • High channel occupancy rate.
  • Rugged construction and easy field maintenance that reduces operational costs and ensures a high MTBF.



  • Indoor coverage: tunnels, buildings, subways
  • Outdoor coverage: stadiums, rural areas and dense urban areas



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