Digital Fiber DAS

Digital Fiber DAS



Type Digital Fiber DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

Frequency range 136 – 869 MHz

Datasheet BD236




DH100-M-007           DH100-M-020            DH100-M-008           DH100-M-015           
DH100-M-024 DH100-M-016 DH100-M-034 DH100-M-035
DH100-M-036 DH100-M-046 DH100-M-047 DH100-M-048 
DH100-ME-034  DH100-ME-035  DH100-ME-036  DH100-ME-046 
DH100-ME-047  DH100-ME-048  DH124-R-001  DH124-R-009 
DH124-R-002  DH124-R-005  DH124-R-011  DH124-R-006 
DH124-R-013  DH124-R-014  DH124-R-015  DH124-R-019 
DH124-R-020  DH124-R-021  DH140-R-001  DH140-R-002 
DH140-R-005  DH140-R-006  DH140-R-009  DH140-R-011 
DH140-R-013  DH140-R-014  DH140-R-015  DH140-R-019 
DH140-R-020  DH140-R-021     



DH400-M-210           DH400-M-211            DH400-M-221           DH400-M-222           
DH400-M-232  DH400-M-233  DH400-M-243  DH400-M-244 
DH400-M-254  DH400-M-255  DH400-M-265  DH400-M-266 
DH400-M-276  DH400-M-277  DH400-M-287  DH400-M-288 
DH400-M-289  DH400-M-290 DH400-M-291  DH400-M-292 
DH400-M-293  DH400-M-294  DH400-M-295  DH400-M-296 
DH400-ME-243  DH400-ME-244  DH400-ME-287  DH400-ME-288 
DH437-R-201  DH437-R-202  DH437-R-203  DH437-R-207 
DH437-R-208  DH437-R-209  DH437-R-213  DH437-R-214
DH437-R-215  DH437-R-219  DH437-R-220  DH437-R-221 
DH437-R-225  DH437-R-226  DH437-R-227  DH437-R-231 
DH437-R-232  DH437-R-233  DH437-R-237  DH437-R-238 
DH437-R-239  DH437-R-243  DH437-R-244  DH437-R-245 
DH437-R-2FO-201  DH437-R-2FO-202  DH437-R-2FO-203  DH437-R-2FO-207 
DH437-R-2FO-208  DH437-R-2FO-209  DH437-R-2FO-213  DH437-R-2FO-214 
DH437-R-2FO-215  DH437-R-2FO-219  DH437-R-2FO-220  DH437-R-2FO-221 
DH437-R-2FO-225  DH437-R-2FO-226  DH437-R-2FO-227  DH437-R-2FO-231 
DH437-R-2FO-232  DH437-R-2FO-233  DH437-R-2FO-237  DH437-R-2FO-238 
DH437-R-2FO-239  DH437-R-2FO-243  DH437-R-2FO-244  DH437-R-2FO-245 
DH400-2M-210  DH400-2M-211  DH400-2M-221  DH400-2M-222 
DH400-2M-232  DH400-2M-233  DH400-2M-243  DH400-2M-244 
DH400-2M-254  DH400-2M-255 DH400-2M-265  DH400-2M-266 
DH400-2M-276  DH400-2M-277  DH400-2M-287  DH400-2M-288 


700 / 800 

DH700-M-010           DH700-M-011            DH700-M-012           DH737-R-001           
DH737-R-002  DH737-R-003  DHS00-M-010  DHS00-M-011 
DHS00-M-012 DHS37-R-001  DHS37-R-002  DHS37-R-003 
DH700-ME-010  DH700-ME-011  DH700-ME-012  DH737-R-2FO-001 
DH737-R-2FO-002  DH737-R-2FO-003  DHS00-ME-010  DHS00-ME-011 
DHS00-ME-012  DHS37-R-2FO-001  DHS37-R-2FO-002  DHS37-R-2FO-003 



DH300-M-025           DH300-M-026            DH300-M-027           DH300-M-028           
DH300-M-029  DH300-M-030  DH300-M-031  DH300-M-032 
DH300-M-033  DH300-M-034  DH300-M-035  DH300-M-036 
DH300-M-037  DH300-M-038  DH300-M-039  DH300-M-040 
DH300-M-041  DH300-M-042  DH300-M-043  DH300-M-044 
DH300-M-045  DH300-M-046  DH300-M-047  DH300-M-048 
DH300-M-049  DH300-M-050  DH300-M-051  DH300-M-052
DH300-M-053  DH300-M-054  DH300-2M-025  DH300-2M-026 
DH300-2M-027  DH300-2M-028  DH300-2M-029  DH300-2M-030 
DH300-2M-031  DH300-2M-032  DH300-2M-033  DH300-2M-034 
DH300-2M-035  DH300-2M-036  DH300-2M-037  DH300-2M-038 
DH300-2M-039  DH300-2M-040  DH300-2M-041  DH300-2M-042 
DH300-2M-043  DH300-2M-044  DH300-2M-045  DH300-2M-046 
DH300-2M-047  DH300-2M-048 DH300-2M-049  DH300-2M-050 
DH300-2M-051  DH300-2M-052  DH300-2M-053  DH300-2M-054 
DH336-R-001  DH336-R-002  DH336-R-003  DH336-R-007 
DH336-R-008  DH336-R-009  DH336-R-013  DH336-R-014 
DH336-R-015  DH336-R-019  DH336-R-020 DH336-R-021 
DH336-R-025  DH336-R-026  DH336-R-027  DH336-R-2FO-001 
DH336-R-2FO-002  DH336-R-2FO-003  DH336-R-2FO-007  DH336-R-2FO-008 
DH336-R-2FO-009  DH336-R-2FO-013  DH336-R-2FO-014 DH336-R-2FO-015 
DH336-R-2FO-019  DH336-R-2FO-020  DH336-R-2FO-021  DH336-R-2FO-025 
DH336-R-2FO-026  DH336-R-2FO-027     




Fiplex DAS Benefits

  • Channelized solution
  • Far End communication preservation
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Greater fiber distances
  • Gain adjustment per filter
  • No degradation of the BTS uplink sensitivity 
  • Built in spectrum analyzer
  • AGC per channel and per time slot
  • Phase control and Simulcast capability
  • Built in redundancy
  • No fiber-environment noise transported to RF
  • Remote control capability
  • Reduced inventory items
  • NFPA compliant
  • OTA Ready



  • Indoor: tunnels, buildings, subways, airports, among others
  • Outdoor: stadiums, canyons, dense urban areas, remote rural towns


Made in USA

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