Public Safety Dual Band Digital Signal Boosters

Public Safety Dual Band Digital Signal Boosters



Type Dual Band Digital Signal Boosters

Frequency range 763-775 / 793-805 MHz or 764-776 / 794-806 MHz (software adjustable) and 806-824 / 851-869 MHz

Datasheet BD269



DH7S2727-004               DH7S2727-005  
DH7S2727-006   DH7S2727-010  
DH7S2727-011   DH7S2727-012  


DH7S3434-004               DH7S3434-005  
DH7S3434-006   DH7S3434-010  
DH7S3434-011   DH7S3434-012  


Optional RM-CT, D7-12, DS-12, NFPA 


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: Public Safety Dual Band Digital Signal Boosters


Product features

  • Dual band 700 and 800 MHz
  • Channel Selective, software programmable
  • Fully digital signal boosters, FPGA based
  • US and Canada 700MHz band compatible, software adjustable
  • Auto diagnostic
  • Uplink and downlink squelch, per channel and per time slot
  • User adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent, per band, per channel
  • Automatic Gain Control per band, per channel, per time slot
  • Weatherproof enclosure, IP67/NEMA4X
  • Built-in input and output spectrum analyzer
  • NFPA compliant



  • For P25, TETRA, DMR, NXDN and Conventional systems
  • Indoor coverage: tunnels and mobile fast-deploy communication units
  • Outdoor coverage: oil rigs, stadiums, dense urban areas, rural areas, cliffs


Made in USA

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