RF Directional Couplers • 380-2700 MHz

RF Directional Couplers • 380-2700 MHz



Type Coupler

Frequency range 380 – 2700 MHz

Datasheet SC045



RSA Series:

RSA2-W2H              RSA2-W2G   
RSA2-B2K   RSA2-B2J  
RSA2-BW2K    RSA2-BW2J   
RSA2-BW2I    RSA2-BW2H   
RSA2-BW2G    RSA2-W2K   
RSA2-W2J    RSA2-W2I   


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: RF Directional Couplers


Product features

Fiplex RSA Series of RF Directional Couplers are passive devices designed to provide unequal power distribution to the output ports.

Due to the internal configuration, this devices have a low VSWR value in all ports (less than 1.3:1, based on 50 ohms characteristic impedance) and low incidental insertion loss.

Standard coupling values are 6dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB and 30dB, other power ratios available upon request.


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