TETRA and TETRAPOL UHF Echo Cancellation Digital Signal Boosters

TETRA and TETRAPOL UHF Echo Cancellation Digital Signal Boosters



Type Echo Cancellation Signal Boosters

Frequency range 380 – 430 MHz

Datasheet BD213




DH336F-001            DH336F-003            DH336F-009            DH336F-010 
DH336F-011 DH336F-012 DH336F-005 DH336F-007 
DH336F-013 DH336F-014 DH336F-015 DH336F-016
DH336F-002  DH336F-004  DH336F-017  DH336F-018 
DH336F-019  DH336F-020  DH336F-006  DH336F-008 
DH336F-021  DH336F-022  DH336F-023  DH336F-024
DH336F-025  DH336F-026  DH336F-027  DH336F-028 
DH336F-029  DH336F-030  DH336F-031  DH336F-032 
DH336F-033  DH336F-034  DH336F-035  DH336F-036 
DH336F-037  DH336F-038  DH336F-039  DH336F-040 
DH336F-041  DH336F-042  DH336F-043  DH336F-044 
DH336F-045  DH336F-046  DH336F-047  DH336F-048 
DH336F-049 DH336F-050  DH336F-051  DH336F-052 
DH336F-053  DH336F-054  DH336F-055  DH336F-056 
DH336F-057  DH336F-058  DH336F-059  DH336F-060 
DH336F-061  DH336F-062  DH336F-063  DH336F-064 
DH336F-065  DH336F-066  DH336F-067  DH336F-068 
DH336F-069  DH336F-070  DH336F-071  DH336F-072 


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: TETRA and TETRAPOL UHF Echo Cancellation Digital Signal Boosters


Product features

  • Echo cancellation, reduces antenna to antenna isolation requirements
  • Compatible with TETRA and TETRAPOL
  • Fully digital signal boosters, FPGA based
  • Auto diagnostic
  • Uplink squelch, per channel and per time slot
  • Antenna feedback cancellation
  • User adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent, per channel
  • Automatic Gain Control, per channel and per time slot
  • Weatherproof enclosure, IP67/NEMA4X
  • Built in spectrum analyzer



  • Mobile fast-deploy communication units
  • Outdoor coverage: oil rigs, stadiums, dense urban areas, rural areas, cliffs



Made in USA

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