UHF Programmable Active Crystal Filters

UHF Programmable Active Crystal Filters



Type Programmable Active Crystal Filters (US Patent Protected)

Frequency range 380 – 490 MHz

Datasheet TW049



ACF4 Series:

ACF41-50            ACF42-12.5          ACF42-25  
ACF43-12.5 ACF43-25 ACF44-12.5  


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: UHF Programmable Active Crystal Filter


Product features

  • Crystal filter based filtering system, 12.5KHz, 25KHz and 50KHz BW
  • Software programmable tuning, 3.125 KHz steps
  • Sharp filtering response
  • Front end LNA included for low noise figure
  • User adjustable gain
  • Transmitter Bypass (TXBP) available for transceivers applications
  • N(f) to SMA(m) jumpers included, 1 ft, 2 pcs



  • P25, DMR, NXDN, TETRA, Conventional and others
  • Repeaters sites, mobile and base station
  • High RF congested environments
  • Mobile applications like trains and cars / trucks

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