UHF Repeater Combining Systems

UHF Repeater Combining Systems



Type Repeater Combining System

Frequency range 380 – 520 MHz

Datasheet TK056



RTC45 Series 

RTC45-2A0-1           RTC45-2A0-2           RTC45-2A0-3            RTC45-2A0-4           
RTC45-2A0-5  RTC45-3A0-1  RTC45-3A0-2  RTC45-3A0-3 
RTC45-3A0-4  RTC45-3A0-5  RTC45-4A0-1  RTC45-4A0-2 
RTC45-4A0-3  RTC45-4A0-4  RTC45-4A0-5  RTC45-5A0-1 
RTC45-5A0-2  RTC45-5A0-3  RTC45-5A0-4  RTC45-5A0-5 
RTC45-6A0-1  RTC45-6A0-2  RTC45-6A0-3  RTC45-6A0-4 
RTC45-6A0-5  RTC45-7A0-1  RTC45-7A0-2  RTC45-7A0-3 
RTC45-7A0-4  RTC45-7A0-5  RTC45-8A0-1  RTC45-8A0-2 
RTC45-8A0-3  RTC45-8A0-4  RTC45-8A0-5  RTC45-2B1-1 
RTC45-2B1-2  RTC45-2B1-3  RTC45-2B1-4  RTC45-2B1-5 
RTC45-3B1-1  RTC45-3B1-2  RTC45-3B1-3  RTC45-3B1-4 
RTC45-3B1-5  RTC45-4B1-1  RTC45-4B1-2  RTC45-4B1-3 
RTC45-4B1-4  RTC45-4B1-5  RTC45-5B1-1  RTC45-5B1-2 
RTC45-5B1-3  RTC45-5B1-4  RTC45-5B1-5  RTC45-6B1-1 
RTC45-6B1-2  RTC45-6B1-3  RTC45-6B1-4  RTC45-6B1-5 
RTC45-7B1-1  RTC45-7B1-2  RTC45-7B1-3  RTC45-7B1-4 
RTC45-7B1-5  RTC45-8B1-1  RTC45-8B1-2  RTC45-8B1-3 
RTC45-8B1-4  RTC45-8B1-5     


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: UHF Repeater Combining Systems


Product features

  • Complete combining system
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 and 8 channels
  • High port-to-port isolation
  • Single junction isolators
  • Broadband isolators design
  • Adjustable Rx Gain


Made in USA

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