VHF Simplex Digital Signal Boosters

VHF Simplex Digital Signal Boosters



Type Simplex Digital Signal Boosters

Frequency range 136 – 174 MHz

Datasheet BD263




DH124S-004           DH124S-005           DH124S-006  
DH124S-010 DH124S-011 DH124S-012  
DH124S-016 DH124S-017 DH124S-018  
DH124S-022 DH124S-023 DH124S-024   


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: VHF Simplex Digital Signal Boosters


Product features

  • Channel Selective, software programmable
  • Fully digital signal boosters, FPGA based
  • Auto diagnostic
  • Uplink squelch, per channel
  • User adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent
  • Automatic Gain Control, per channel
  • Weatherproof enclosure, IP67/NEMA4X
  • NFPA Compliant



  • Indoor coverage: tunnels, buildings, stadiums, subways


Made in USA

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