VHF Transmitter Combiners • Cavity and Hybrid

VHF Transmitter Combiners • Cavity and Hybrid



Type Transmitter combiners

Frequency range 136 – 174 MHz

Datasheet TK023



TC Series

TC15-2B1N-1          TC15-3B1N-1            TC15-4B1N-1           TC15-5B1N-1 
TC15-6B1N-1  TC15-7B1N-1  TC15-8B1N-1  TC15-9B1N-1 
TC15-10B1N-1  TC15-2B1N-2  TC15-3B1N-2  TC15-4B1N-2 
TC15-5B1N-2  TC15-6B1N-2  TC15-7B1N-2  TC15-8B1N-2 
TC15-9B1N-2  TC15-10B1N-2  TC15-2B1N-3  TC15-3B1N-3 
TC15-4B1N-3  TC15-5B1N-3  TC15-6B1N-3  TC15-7B1N-3 
TC15-8B1N-3  TC15-9B1N-3  TC15-10B1N-3  TC15-2B1N-4 
TC15-3B1N-4  TC15-4B1N-4  TC15-5B1N-4  TC15-6B1N-4 
TC15-7B1N-4  TC15-8B1N-4  TC15-9B1N-4  TC15-10B1N-4 
TC15-2B1N-5  TC15-3B1N-5  TC15-4B1N-5  TC15-5B1N-5 
TC15-6B1N-5  TC15-7B1N-5  TC15-8B1N-5  TC15-9B1N-5 


THW Series 

THW15-2B1-1         THW15-4B1-1           THW15-6B1-1         THW15-8B1-1 
THW15-2B1-2 THW15-4B1-2  THW15-6B1-2 THW15-8B1-2 
THW15-4B1-3  THW15-6B1-3  THW15-8B1-3  THW15-2B1-4 
THW15-4B1-4  THW15-6B1-4  THW15-8B1-4  THW15-2B1-5 
THW15-4B1-5  THW15-6B1-5  THW15-8B1-5   


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: VHF Transmitter Combiners


Product features

TC series uses ¼ wavelenght high Q resonant cavities with INVAR control rods to ensure long term thermal stability. This series allows 150KHz minimium Tx to Tx separation.Broadband dual junction isolators are employed. Starting from 2 channels, TC series are easily expandable. Maximum input power is 100W per port.

THW series uses hybrid technology to provide Zero Spacing combining. Broadband dual junction isolators are employed. Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 channel configurations. Maximum input power is 100W per port.



  • For Analog, LTR, MPT1327, among others


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