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Public Safety Centric Digital Fiber DAS

Fiplex Digital Fiber DAS is the evolution of the traditional RF over Fiber (RFoF) analog DAS, that improves several limitations and application issues related to analog RFoF technology, especially when talking about Public Safety / Mission Critical communication systems, and opens a new and wide range of possibilities and security features.
Indoor and outdoor coverage extension solutions. VHF, UHF, PS 700 & 800 MHz.

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Digital Fiber DAS

* Channelized solution
* Far End communication preservation
* Wide dynamic range
* Greater fiber distances
* Gain adjustment per filter
* No degradation of the BTS uplink sensitivity
* Built in spectrum analyzer
* AGC per channel and per time slot
* Phase control and Simulcast capability
* Built in redundancy
* No fiber-environment noise transported to RF
* Remote control capability
* Reduced inventory items
* NFPA compliant
* OTA Ready

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RF Fiber Optic Link • 50-2400 MHz

Product Features:
* WDM: Uplink and Downlink transmission in different wavelengths with built-in WDM for single fiber optic operation.
* RS-232 Interface: Allows signaling and alarm report over a very friendly interface.
* Note: Fiber Optic link for outdoor operation (IP65 enclosure), and for 19” rack mount are optional.

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