Passive Devices

Fiplex offers a variety of passive devices to enhance your system design and integration performance, from power splitters and hybrid couplers to isolators, and multiband combiners, all key components to ensure optimum RF signal coverage.

DPS Series Broadband Power Splitters

698-2700 Mhz

Models: DPS212 DPS312 DPS412

DRS Series Broadband Low Power Splitters/ Combiners

50-960 Mhz

Models: DRS2-2, DRS4-2,

RSA Series RF Directional Couplers

50-960 Mhz

Models: RSA2-B2x, RSA2-BW2x, RSA2-W2x

HC Series 3dB Hybrid Coupler

VHF 136-174 Mhz and UHF 360-520 Mhz

Models: HC-A2, HC-B2 

DBC085-180L Dual Band Coupler Low Power

698-960 Mhz and 1710-2170 Mhz

Model: DBC085-180L

HC-W Series Broadband 3dB Hybrid

698-2690 Mhz

Model: HC-W2, HC-W3, HC-W8

LD Series RF Loads/Terminations

1-1000 Mhz

Models: LD0252, LD0502

LTB-W Series Broadband Ferrite Isolators

134-860 Mhz

Models: LTB12A1W, LTB32A1W, LTB42A2W, LTB82A2W  

MBC68-31-150 Multiband Combiner

VHF + UHF + 700/800 Mhz

Model: MBC68-31-150

PSC Series High Power Coaxial Splitters

136-2700 Mhz

Models: PSCx-Ay, PSCx-By, PSCx-ABy, PSCx-Wy 

DPS2L2 Broadband Power Splitters

70-960 Mhz

Model: DPS2L2