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Fiplex has more than 35 years of expertise in the manufacturing of different types of duplexers in the range of 136-960 Mhz that are key to optimum system integration.

Whether working with digital and analog wireless radio, low power repeaters or mobile full duplex radios, Fiplex duplexers highlight in the industry for their efficiency, performance and reliability

DCL Series - Mobile Band Reject Duplexers Coaxial Type

340-960 Mhz

Models: DCL3533A, DCL3533B, DCL4533A, DCL4533B, DCL7533N, DCL9533A9N, DCL9533AN, DCL9533B1N, DCL9533B2N

DHL Series - Mobile Band Reject Duplexers Helical Type

136-520 Mhz

Models: DHL1533A, DHL1533, DHL1533B, DHL2633A, DHL2633B, DHL3533B, DHL4533B.

DVN Series - Band Pass-Band Reject Base Station Duplexers

136-960 Mhz

Models: DVN1522L, DVN1533L, DVN2522L, DVN 2533L, DVN 3522L, DVN3533L, DVN4522L, DVN4533L, DVN9022/3L, DVN9033/3L

DVN Series - VHF High Power Band Pass-Band Reject Base Station Duplexer

136-174 Mhz

Models: DVN1522N, DVN1533N