NEW PS700 & PS800!

NEW PS700 & PS800!


Bandwidth Adjustable & Channel selective • Class A & Class B


Public Safety PS700 & PS800

Through digital signal processing technology, we provide the traditional RF Signal Boosters with several features that improve their performance:
• Power consumption 100W
• PS800: 64 channel filters on High Capacity Versions or 32 channel filters + 2 BWA filters or 2 BWA filter
• PS700: 64 channel filters + 1 FirstNet Band 14 on High Capacity Versions, 32 channel filters + 1 FirstNet Band 14 + 1 BWA Filters or 1 FirstNet Band 14 + 1 BWA Filter
• Built-in spectrum analyzer for more efficient and simple system setup and operation
• Uplink squelch capability compatible with analog and digital format per-channel and per time slot, improving the sensitivity of the base station
• Multiple different filter shapes selection in order to meet the requirements of RF congested scenarios
• Antenna isolation measurement feature with antenna low isolation alarm
• Automatic Gain Control per band, per channel and per time slot
• User-adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent, per band and per channel