Discontinued Products

Product Model/s Effective Date Replacement Model/s Supporting Documentation
+24VDC CONVERTER FOR HS37; DH424V-268; DH424V-269; DH424V-270; DH424V-271; DH424V-272; DH424V-273; DH424V-D-175; DH424V-D-176; DH424V-D-177; DH424V-D-310; DH424V-D-311; DH424V-D-312; DH430V-175; DH430V-176; DH430V-177; DH430V-199; DH430V-200; DH430V-201; DH430V-223; DH430V-224; DH430V-225; DH430V-247; DH430V-248; DH430V-249; DH430V-268; DH430V-269; DH430V-270; DH430V-D-175; DH430V-D-176; DH430V-D-177; DH436V-223; DH436V-224; DH436V-225; DH437V-175; DH437V-176; DH437V-177; DH437V-199; DH437V-200; DH437V-201; DH437V-223; DH437V-224; DH437V-225; DH437V-247; DH437V-248; DH437V-249; DH437V-D-175; DH437V-D-176; DH437V-D-177; FM-BI; H336V-001; H336V-003; H336V-005; H336V-006; H336V-007; H336V-008; H336V-009; H336V-010; H336V-011; H336V-012; H336V-017; H336V-018; H336V-025; H336V-026; H336V-027; H336V-028; H336V-029; H336V-036; H336V-037; H336V-038; H336V-039; H336V-040; H336V-041; H336V-049; H336V-050; H336V-051; H336V-052; H336V-053; H336V-054; H336V-061; H336V-062; H336V-063; H336V-701; H336V-998; H336V-999; H724V-004; H724V-005; H724V-006; H737V-004; H737V-005; H737V-006; H7S3434V-004; H7S3434V-005; H7S3434V-006; HS24V-005; HS24V-006; HS24V-007; HS37V-004; HS37V-005; HS37V-006 01/01/2018 For replacement options, please contact your Fiplex Sales Representative / Presales Support. PDN007
DH424-2-004; DH424-2-005; DH424-2-006; DH424-2-010; DH424-2-011; DH424-2-012; DH424-2-016; DH424-2-017; DH424-2-018; DH424-2-022; DH424-2-023; DH424-2-024; DH424-2-028; DH424-2-029; DH424-2-030; DH424-2-034; DH424-2-035; DH424-2-036; DH424-2-040; DH424-2-041; DH424-2-042; DH424-2-046; DH424-2-047; DH424-2-048; DH424-2-052; DH424-2-053; DH424-2-054; DH424-2-058; DH424-2-059; DH424-2-060; DH424-2-064; DH424-2-065; DH424-2-066; DH424-2-070; DH424-2-071; DH424-2-072; DH424-2-076; DH424-2-077; DH424-2-078; DH424-2-082; DH424-2-083; DH424-2-084; DH424-2-088; DH424-2-089; DH424-2-090; DH424-2-094; DH424-2-095; DH424-2-096; DH424-204; DH424-205; DH424-206; DH424-210; DH424-211; DH424-212; DH424-216; DH424-217; DH424-218; DH424-222; DH424-223; DH424-224; DH424-228; DH424-229; DH424-230; DH424-234; DH424-235; DH424-236; DH424-240; DH424-241; DH424-242; DH424-246; DH424-247; DH424-248; DH424-252; DH424-253; DH424-254; DH424-258; DH424-259; DH424-260; DH424-264; DH424-265; DH424-266; DH424-270; DH424-271; DH424-272; DH424-276; DH424-277; DH424-278; DH424-282; DH424-283; DH424-284; DH424-288; DH424-289; DH424-290; DH424-294; DH424-295; DH424-296; DH430-2-004; DH430-2-005; DH430-2-006; DH430-2-010; DH430-2-011; DH430-2-012; DH430-2-016; DH430-2-017; DH430-2-018; DH430-2-022; DH430-2-023; DH430-2-024; DH430-2-028; DH430-2-029; DH430-2-030; DH430-2-034; DH430-2-035; DH430-2-036; DH430-2-040; DH430-2-041; DH430-2-042; DH430-2-046; DH430-2-047; DH430-2-048; DH430-2-052; DH430-2-053; DH430-2-054; DH430-2-058; DH430-2-059; DH430-2-060; DH430-2-064; DH430-2-065; DH430-2-066; DH430-2-070; DH430-2-071; DH430-2-072; DH430-2-076; DH430-2-077; DH430-2-078; DH430-2-082; DH430-2-083; DH430-2-084; DH430-2-088; DH430-2-089; DH430-2-090; DH430-2-094; DH430-2-095; DH430-2-096; DH437-2-004; DH437-2-005; DH437-2-006; DH437-2-010; DH437-2-011; DH437-2-012; DH437-2-016; DH437-2-017; DH437-2-018; DH437-2-022; DH437-2-023; DH437-2-024; DH437-2-028; DH437-2-029; DH437-2-030; DH437-2-034; DH437-2-035; DH437-2-036; DH437-2-040; DH437-2-041; DH437-2-042; DH437-2-046; DH437-2-047; DH437-2-048; DH437-2-052; DH437-2-053; DH437-2-054; DH437-2-058; DH437-2-059; DH437-2-060; DH437-2-064; DH437-2-065; DH437-2-066; DH437-2-070; DH437-2-071; DH437-2-072; DH437-2-076; DH437-2-077; DH437-2-078; DH437-2-082; DH437-2-083; DH437-2-084; DH437-2-088; DH437-2-089; DH437-2-090; DH437-2-094; DH437-2-095; DH437-2-096; DH730-004; DH730-005; DH730-006; DH730-010; DH730-011; DH730-012; DH730-2-004; DH730-2-005; DH730-2-006; DH730-2-010; DH730-2-011; DH730-2-012; DH737-2-004; DH737-2-005; DH737-2-006; DH737-2-010; DH737-2-011; DH737-2-012; DH7S2727-004; DH7S2727-005; DH7S2727-006; DH7S2727-010; DH7S2727-012; DHS30-005; DHS30-006; DHS30-007; DHS30-008; DHS30-011; DHS30-012; DHS30-2-004; DHS30-2-005; DHS30-2-006; DHS30-2-010; DHS30-2-011; DHS30-2-012; DHS37-2-005; DHS37-2-006; DHS37-2-010; DHS37-2-011; DHS37-2-012 01/01/2018 For replacement options, please contact your Fiplex Sales Representative / Presales Support. PDN007
DH100-M-007; DH100-M-008; DH100-M-015; DH100-M-016; DH100-M-020; DH100-M-024; DH100-M-034; DH100-M-035; DH100-M-036; DH100-M-046; DH100-M-047; DH100-M-048; DH100-ME-034; DH100-ME-035; DH100-ME-036; DH100-ME-046; DH100-ME-047; DH100-ME-048; DH300-2M-025; DH300-2M-026; DH300-2M-027; DH300-2M-028; DH300-2M-029; DH300-2M-030; DH300-2M-031; DH300-2M-032; DH300-2M-033; DH300-2M-034; DH300-2M-035; DH300-2M-036; DH300-2M-037; DH300-2M-038; DH300-2M-039; DH300-2M-040; DH300-2M-041; DH300-2M-042; DH300-2M-043; DH300-2M-044; DH300-2M-045; DH300-2M-046; DH300-2M-047; DH300-2M-048; DH300-2M-049; DH300-2M-050; DH300-2M-051; DH300-2M-052; DH300-2M-053; DH300-2M-054; DH300-M-025; DH300-M-026; DH300-M-027; DH300-M-028; DH300-M-029; DH300-M-030; DH300-M-031; DH300-M-032; DH300-M- 033; DH300-M-034; DH300-M-035; DH300-M-036; DH300-M-037; DH300-M-038; DH300-M-039; DH300-M-040; DH300-M-041; DH300-M-042; DH300-M-043; DH300-M-044; DH300-M-045; DH300-M-046; DH300-M-047; DH300-M-048; DH300-M-049; DH300-M-050; DH300-M-051; DH300-M-052; DH300-M-053; DH300-M-054; DH300-M-055; DH336-R-2FO-001; DH336-R-2FO-002; DH336-R-2FO-003; DH336-R-2FO-007; DH336-R-2FO-008; DH336-R-2FO-009; DH336-R-2FO-013; DH336-R-2FO-014; DH336-R-2FO-015; DH336-R-2FO-019; DH336-R-2FO-020; DH336-R-2FO-021; DH336-R-2FO-025; DH336-R-2FO-026; DH336-R-2FO-027; DH400-M-210; DH400-M-211; DH400-M-221; DH400-M-222; DH400-M-232; DH400-M-233; DH400-M-243; DH400-M-244; DH400-M-254; DH400-M-255; DH400-M-265; DH400-M-266; DH400-M-276; DH400-M-277; DH400-M-287; DH400-M-288; DH400-M-289; DH400-M-290; DH400-M-291; DH400-M-292; DH400-M-293; DH400-M-294; DH400-M-295; DH400-M-296; DH400-M-297; DH400-M-298; DH400-M-299; DH400-ME-243; DH400-ME-244; DH400-ME-287; DH400-ME-288; DH437-R-2FO-201; DH437-R-2FO-202; DH437-R-2FO-203; DH437-R-2FO-207; DH437-R-2FO-208; DH437-R-2FO-209; DH437-R-2FO-213; DH437-R-2FO-214; DH437-R-2FO-215; DH437-R-2FO-219; DH437-R-2FO-220; DH437-R-2FO-221; DH437-R-2FO-225; DH437-R-2FO-226; DH437-R-2FO-227; DH437-R-2FO-231; DH437-R-2FO-232; DH437-R-2FO-233; DH437-R-2FO-237; DH437-R-2FO-238; DH437-R-2FO-239; DH437-R-2FO-243; DH437-R-2FO-244; DH437-R-2FO-245; DH700-M-010; DH700-M-011; DH700-M-012; DH700-ME-010; DH700-ME-011; DH700-ME-012; DH737-R-2FO-001; DH737-R-2FO-002; DH737-R-2FO-003; DH7S00-M-010; DH7S00-M-011; DH7S00-M-012; DH7S3434-R-2FO-001; DH7S3434-R-2FO-002; DH7S3434-R-2FO-003; DHS00-M-010; DHS00-M-011; DHS00-M-012; DHS00-ME-010; DHS00-ME-011; DHS00-ME-012; DHS37-R-2FO-001; DHS37-R-2FO-002; DHS37-R-2FO-003 01/01/2018 For replacement options, please contact your Fiplex Sales Representative / Presales Support. PDN007
MBC45-4-FBP 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC45-4-DCL-ISO 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC45-2 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC15-2-FHV 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC45-2-FHV 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC15-1-ACF25 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC15-2-ACF25 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC15-3-ACF25 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC45-2-ACF25 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
MBC45-3-ACF25 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
THWS45-4B01-1-D 01/01/2018 Replaced byTHWS45-4B01-1-C PDN007
THWS45-4B01-1-E 01/01/2018 Replaced byTHWS45-4B01-1-C PDN007
THWS45-8B01-1-D 01/01/2018 Replaced byTHWS45-8B01-1-C PDN007
THWS45-8B01-1-E 01/01/2018 Replaced byTHWS45-8B01-1-C PDN007
DCL4533A1BNC; DCL4533A1BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DCL4533A1N; DCL4533A1N/CC PDN007
DCL4533A2BNC; DCL4533A2BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DCL4533A2N; DCL4533A2N/CC PDN007
DCL4533A3BNC; DCL4533A3BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DCL4533A3N; DCL4533A3N/CC PDN007
DCL4533A4BNC; DCL4533A4BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DCL4533A4N; DCL4533A4N/CC PDN007
DCL4533B1BNC; DCL4533B1BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DCL4533B1N; DCL4533B1N/CC PDN007
DCL4533B2BNC; DCL4533B2BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DCL4533B2N; DCL4533B2N/CC PDN007
DCL4533B3BNC; DCL4533B3BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DCL4533B3N; DCL4533B3N/CC PDN007
DCL4533B4BNC; DCL4533B4BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DCL4533B4N; DCL4533B4N/CC PDN007
DHL1533A1BNC; DHL1533A1BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL1533A1N; DHL1533A1N/CC PDN007
DHL1533A2BNC; DHL1533A2BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL1533A2N; DHL1533A2N/CC PDN007
DHL1533A3BNC; DHL1533A3BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL1533A3N; DHL1533A3N/CC PDN007
DHL1533B1BNC; DHL1533B1BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL1533B1N; DHL1533B1N/CC PDN007
DHL1533B2BNC; DHL1533B2BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL1533B2N; DHL1533B2N/CC PDN007
DHL1533B3BNC; DHL1533B3BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL1533B3N; DHL1533B3N/CC PDN007
DHL2633A1BNC; DHL2633A1BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL2633A1N; DHL2633A1N/CC PDN007
DHL2633A2BNC; DHL2633A2BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL2633A2N; DHL2633A2N/CC PDN007
DHL2633A3BNC; DHL2633A3BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL2633A3N; DHL2633A3N/CC PDN007
DHL2633B1BNC; DHL2633B1BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL2633B1N; DHL2633B1N/CC PDN007
DHL2633B2BNC; DHL2633B2BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL2633B2N; DHL2633B2N/CC PDN007
DHL2633B3BNC; DHL2633B3BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL2633B3N; DHL2633B3N/CC PDN007
DHL3533B1BNC; DHL3533B1BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL3533B1N; DHL3533B1N/CC PDN007
DHL3533B2BNC; DHL3533B2BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL3533B2N; DHL3533B2N/CC PDN007
DHL3533B3BNC; DHL3533B3BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL3533B3N; DHL3533B3N/CC PDN007
DHL4533B1BNC; DHL4533B1BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL4533B1N; DHL4533B1N/CC PDN007
DHL4533B2BNC; DHL4533B2BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL4533B2N; DHL4533B2N/CC PDN007
DHL4533B3BNC; DHL4533B3BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL4533B3N; DHL4533B3N/CC PDN007
DHL4533B4BNC; DHL4533B4BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL4533B4N; DHL4533B4N/CC PDN007
DHL4533B5BNC; DHL4533B5BNC/CC 01/01/2018 Duplexer available with N(f) connectors. DHL4533B5N; DHL4533B5N/CC PDN007
DHV0544DOTv2 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
DHV0544-1; DHV0544-2; DHV0544-3; DHV0544-4 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
DHV0544-PE-1; DHV0544-PE-2; DHV0544-PE-3; DHV0544-PE-4 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
DHV0733-1; DHV0733-2 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
DHV0568-PE-01; DHV0568-PE-02 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
LTA12A0W-1; LTA12A0W-2; LTA12A0W-3; LTA12A0W-4; LTA12A0W-5; LTA12A2W-1; LTA12A2W-2; LTA12A2W-3; LTA12A2W-4; LTA12A2W-5; LTA12A3W-1; LTA12A3W-2; LTA12A3W-3; LTA12A3W-4; LTA12A3W-5; LTB12A0W-1; LTB12A0W-2; LTB12A0W-3; LTB12A0W-4; LTB12A0W-5; LTB12A2W-1; LTB12A2W-2; LTB12A2W-3; LTB12A2W-4; LTB12A2W-5; LTB12A3W-1; LTB12A3W-2; LTB12A3W-3; LTB12A3W-4; LTB12A3W-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by LTB12A1W PDN007
LTA32A0W; LTA32A2W; LTA32A3W; LTB32A0W; LTB32A2W; LTB32A3W 01/01/2018 Replaced by LTB32A1W PDN007
LTA42A0W-1; LTA42A0W-2; LTA42A0W-3; LTA42A0W-4; LTA42A2W-1; LTA42A2W-2; LTA42A2W-3; LTA42A2W-4; LTA42A3W-1; LTA42A3W-2; LTA42A3W-3; LTA42A3W-4; LTB42A0W-1; LTB42A0W-2; LTB42A0W-3; LTB42A0W-4; LTB42A2W-1; LTB42A2W-2; LTB42A2W-3; LTB42A2W-4; LTB42A3W-1; LTB42A3W-2; LTB42A3W-3; LTB42A3W-4 01/01/2018 Replaced by LTB42A2W PDN007
LTA72A0W; LTA72A2W; LTA72A3W; LTA92A0W; LTA92A2W; LTA92A3W; LTB72A0W; LTB72A2W; LTB72A3W; LTB92A0W; LTB92A2W; LTB92A3W; LTBA2A2W 01/01/2018 Replaced by LTB82A2W PDN007
FOMS FULL 01/01/2018 Replaced by FOMS-NMS-FULL PDN007
FOMS 10 01/01/2018 Replaced by FOMS-NMS-10 PDN007
FOMS 100 01/01/2018 Replaced by FOMS-NMS-100 PDN007
FOMS 20 01/01/2018 Replaced by FOMS-NMS-20 PDN007
FOMS 50 01/01/2018 Replaced by FOMS-NMS-50 PDN007
RTC15-2A0-1; RTC15-2A0-2; RTC15-2A0-3; RTC15-2A0-4; RTC15-2A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC15-3A0-1; RTC15-3A0-2; RTC15-3A0-3; RTC15-3A0-4; RTC15-3A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC15-4A0-1; RTC15-4A0-2; RTC15-4A0-3; RTC15-4A0-4; RTC15-4A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC15-5A0-1; RTC15-5A0-2; RTC15-5A0-3; RTC15-5A0-4; RTC15-5A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC15-6A0-1; RTC15-6A0-2; RTC15-6A0-3; RTC15-6A0-4; RTC15-6A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC15-7A0-1; RTC15-7A0-2; RTC15-7A0-3; RTC15-7A0-4; RTC15-7A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC15-8A0-1; RTC15-8A0-2; RTC15-8A0-3; RTC15-8A0-4; RTC15-8A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC15-2B1-1; RTC15-2B1-2; RTC15-2B1-3; RTC15-2B1-4; RTC15-2B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC15-2B1 PDN007
RTC15-3B1-1; RTC15-3B1-2; RTC15-3B1-3; RTC15-3B1-4; RTC15-3B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC15-3B1 PDN007
RTC15-4B1-1; RTC15-4B1-2; RTC15-4B1-3; RTC15-4B1-4; RTC15-4B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC15-4B1 PDN007
RTC15-5B1-1; RTC15-5B1-2; RTC15-5B1-3; RTC15-5B1-4; RTC15-5B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC15-5B1 PDN007
RTC15-6B1-1; RTC15-6B1-2; RTC15-6B1-3; RTC15-6B1-4; RTC15-6B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC15-6B1 PDN007
RTC15-7B1-1; RTC15-7B1-2; RTC15-7B1-3; RTC15-7B1-4; RTC15-7B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC15-7B1 PDN007
RTC15-8B1-1; RTC15-8B1-2; RTC15-8B1-3; RTC15-8B1-4; RTC15-8B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC15-8B1 PDN007
RTC45-2A0-1; RTC45-2A0-2; RTC45-2A0-3; RTC45-2A0-4; RTC45-2A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC45-3A0-1; RTC45-3A0-2; RTC45-3A0-3; RTC45-3A0-4; RTC45-3A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC45-4A0-1; RTC45-4A0-2; RTC45-4A0-3; RTC45-4A0-4; RTC45-4A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC45-5A0-1; RTC45-5A0-2; RTC45-5A0-3; RTC45-5A0-4; RTC45-5A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC45-6A0-1; RTC45-6A0-2; RTC45-6A0-3; RTC45-6A0-4; RTC45-6A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC45-7A0-1; RTC45-7A0-2; RTC45-7A0-3; RTC45-7A0-4; RTC45-7A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC45-8A0-1; RTC45-8A0-2; RTC45-8A0-3; RTC45-8A0-4; RTC45-8A0-5 01/01/2018 No replacement available. PDN007
RTC45-2B1-1; RTC45-2B1-2 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC38-2B1 PDN007
RTC45-2B1-3; RTC45-2B1-4; RTC45-2B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC45-2B1 PDN007
RTC45-3B1-1; RTC45-3B1-2 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC38-3B1 PDN007
RTC45-3B1-3; RTC45-3B1-4; RTC45-3B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC45-3B1 PDN007
RTC45-4B1-1; RTC45-4B1-2 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC38-4B1 PDN007
RTC45-4B1-3; RTC45-4B1-4; RTC45-4B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC45-4B1 PDN007
RTC45-5B1-1; RTC45-5B1-2 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC38-5B1 PDN007
RTC45-5B1-3; RTC45-5B1-4; RTC45-5B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC45-5B1 PDN007
RTC45-6B1-1; RTC45-6B1-2 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC38-6B1 PDN007
RTC45-6B1-3; RTC45-6B1-4; RTC45-6B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC45-6B1 PDN007
RTC45-7B1-1; RTC45-7B1-2 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC38-7B1 PDN007
RTC45-7B1-3; RTC45-7B1-4; RTC45-7B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC45-7B1 PDN007
RTC45-8B1-1; RTC45-8B1-2 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC38-8B1 PDN007
RTC45-8B1-3; RTC45-8B1-4; RTC45-8B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by RTC45-8B1 PDN007
TC15-2B1N-1; TC15-2B1N-2; TC15-2B1N-3; TC15-2B1N-4; TC15-2B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-2B1N PDN007
TC15-3B1N-1; TC15-3B1N-2; TC15-3B1N-3; TC15-3B1N-4; TC15-3B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-3B1N PDN007
TC15-4B1N-1; TC15-4B1N-2; TC15-4B1N-3; TC15-4B1N-4; TC15-4B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-4B1N PDN007
TC15-5B1N-1; TC15-5B1N-2; TC15-5B1N-3; TC15-5B1N-4; TC15-5B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-5B1N PDN007
TC15-6B1N-1; TC15-6B1N-2; TC15-6B1N-3; TC15-6B1N-4; TC15-6B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-6B1N PDN007
TC15-7B1N-1; TC15-7B1N-2; TC15-7B1N-3; TC15-7B1N-4; TC15-7B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-7B1N PDN007
TC15-8B1N-1; TC15-8B1N-2; TC15-8B1N-3; TC15-8B1N-4; TC15-8B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-8B1N PDN007
TC15-9B1N-1; TC15-9B1N-2; TC15-9B1N-3; TC15-9B1N-4; TC15-9B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-9B1N PDN007
TC15-10B1N-1; TC15-10B1N-2; TC15-10B1N-3; TC15-10B1N-4; TC15-10B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC15-10B1N PDN007
TC45-2B1N-1; TC45-2B1N-2; TC45-2B1N-3; TC45-2B1N-4; TC45-2B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-2B1N PDN007
TC45-3B1N-1; TC45-3B1N-2; TC45-3B1N-3; TC45-3B1N-4; TC45-3B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-3B1N PDN007
TC45-4B1N-1; TC45-4B1N-2; TC45-4B1N-3; TC45-4B1N-4; TC45-4B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-4B1N PDN007
TC45-5B1N-1; TC45-5B1N-2; TC45-5B1N-3; TC45-5B1N-4; TC45-5B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-5B1N PDN007
TC45-6B1N-1; TC45-6B1N-2; TC45-6B1N-3; TC45-6B1N-4; TC45-6B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-6B1N PDN007
TC45-7B1N-1; TC45-7B1N-2; TC45-7B1N-3; TC45-7B1N-4; TC45-7B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-7B1N PDN007
TC45-8B1N-1; TC45-8B1N-2; TC45-8B1N-3; TC45-8B1N-4; TC45-8B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-8B1N PDN007
TC45-9B1N-1; TC45-9B1N-2; TC45-9B1N-3; TC45-9B1N-4; TC45-9B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-9B1N PDN007
TC45-10B1N-1; TC45-10B1N-2; TC45-10B1N-3; TC45-10B1N-4; TC45-10B1N-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by TC45-10B1N PDN007
THW15-2B1-1; THW15-2B1-2; THW15-2B1-3; THW15-2B1-4; THW15-2B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by THW15-2B1 PDN007
THW15-4B1-1; THW15-4B1-2; THW15-4B1-3; THW15-4B1-4; THW15-4B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by THW15-4B1 PDN007
THW15-6B1-1; THW15-6B1-2; THW15-6B1-3; THW15-6B1-4; THW15-6B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by THW15-6B1 PDN007
THW15-8B1-1; THW15-8B1-2; THW15-8B1-3; THW15-8B1-4; THW15-8B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by THW15-8B1 PDN007
THW45-2B1-2; THW45-2B1-3; THW45-2B1-4; THW45-2B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by THW45-2B1 PDN007
THW45-4B1-2; THW45-4B1-3; THW45-4B1-4; THW45-4B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by THW45-4B1 PDN007
THW45-6B1-2; THW45-6B1-3; THW45-6B1-4; THW45-6B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by THW45-6B1 PDN007
THW45-8B1-2; THW45-8B1-3; THW45-8B1-4; THW45-8B1-5 01/01/2018 Replaced by THW45-8B1 PDN007
DBC901010ELLWCG, PR15-4H-PE Jan/24/2017 N/A
DHV0568-PE Jan/24/2017 DHV0568-PE-01 (Tx 39.46 MHz Rx 45.86 MHz) or DHV0568-PE-02 (Tx 37.30 MHz Rx 39.82 MHz).
H7S2727-12-10, H7S2727-12-18, H7S2727-12-3 Oct/12/2016 N/A PDN006
MBC45-4-DCL Sep/20/2016 N/A PDN005
DH437V-181, DH437V-182, DH437V-183, DH437V-205, DH437V-206, DH437V-207, DH437V-229, DH437V-230, DH437V-231, DH437V-253, DH437V-254, DH437V-255, DH437V-D-181, DH437V-D-182, DH437V-D-183, DH424V-181, DH424V-182, DH424V-183, DH424V-205, DH424V-206, DH424V-207, DH424V-229, DH424V-230, DH424V-231, DH424V-253, DH424V-254, DH424V-255, DH424V-D-181, DH424V-D-182, DH424V-D-183, DH430V-181, DH430V-182, DH430V-183, DH430V-205, DH430V-206, DH430V-207, DH430V-229, DH430V-230, DH430V-231, DH430V-253, DH430V-254, DH430V-255, DH430V-D-181, DH430V-D-182, DH430V-D-183, DH436V-229, DH436V-230, DH436V-231, H724V-010, H724V-011, H724V-012, H730V-010, H730V-011, H730V-012, H737V-010, H737V-011, H737V-012, H7S2727V-010, H7S2727V-011, H7S2727V-012, H7S3434V-010, H7S3434V-011, H7S3434V-012, HS24V-011, HS24V-012, HS24V-013, HS30V-010, HS30V-011, HS30V-012, HS37V-010, HS37V-011, HS37V-012, M318V-007, M318V-008, M318V-009, M318V-010, M318V-011, M318V-012, M318V-019, M318V-020, M318V-021, M318V-022, M318V-023, M318V-024, M318V-030, M318V-031, M318V-032, M318V-033, M318V-034, M318V-035, M318V-043, M318V-044, M318V-045, M318V-046, M318V-047, M318V-048, H336V-002, H336V-004, H336V-013, H336V-014, H336V-015, H336V-016, H336V-019, H336V-020, H336V-021, H336V-022, H336V-023, H336V-024, H336V-030, H336V-031, H336V-032, H336V-033, H336V-034, H336V-035, H336V-042, H336V-043, H336V-044, H336V-045, H336V-046, H336V-047, M318V-055, M318V-056, M318V-057, M318V-058, M318V-059, M318V-060, H336V-055, H336V-056, H336V-057, H336V-058, H336V-059, H336V-060, H336V-064 Sep/20/2016 N/A PDN004
PS2-A2100, PS4-A2100, PS2-B2100, PS4-B2100 Aug/05/2016 HC-A2, HC-B2 PDN003
RSA2-AB2G, RSA2-AB2H, RSA2-AB2I, RSA2-AB2J, RSA2-AB2K, HC-AB2 Jul/15/2016 N/A PDN002
BTTY-PE May/20/2016 BTTY-PE-24 PDN001